The Clark “Family”Meg

Little known facts about the extended Clark Family.

All four singing sisters married musicians. Jean Clark married Vern (Derf) Friley, a trombone player with Duke Ellington, Bill Holman and Buddy Bregman bands. Derf was also a studio musician in Los Angeles. They had three children. Jean recorded on several albums and was featured on Ray McKinley’s album “Howdy Friends”. She was also a studio singer in Los Angeles. (Vern “Derf” Friley, 1924 – 1992. Jean Clark Friley, 1920 – 1996).

Ann Clark married Howard (Peter) Terry, who was a woodwind player with Ray McKinley’s band. Pete spent several years as a member of the NBC orchestra playing on shows including LaughIn and the Dean Martin Comedy Hour. Ann was a studio singer and also part of the chorus on the Carol Burnett and Andy Williams television shows. They have two children. (Howard Peter Terry, 1916 – 2005)

Peggy Clark married Wilbur (Willie) Schwartz, lead clarinet with the Glenn Miller Band. Wil had a very successful career as a Hollywood session woodwind player for Billy May, Nelson Riddle, Gordon Jenkins, Neal Hefti, Henry Mancini, and many others. Peggy was a very busy studio singer for more than four decades. They have three children. (Wilbur Schwartz, 1918 – 1990, Peggy Clark 1924 – 2000).

Mary Clark married Bruce Branson, a saxophone/reed player in the Tommy Dorsey band in 1945. Bruce was a successful disc jockey in the Sacramento area and also formed a small jazz quartet. They have two children. (Mary Clark Branson 1926 – Date) (Bruce Branson 1923 – 1957).

Judi Clark married Tommy Dorsey guitarist and arranger Bob Bain. Bob is a composer, jingle writer, and successful studio musician. Bob was a member of Doc Severinson’s band on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show. They have two children. (Judi Clark 1936 – Death, Bob Bain 1924 – 2018).

Susan Clark married Bob Henderson. They had five children including four sons that sang close harmonies. (Susan Clark 1940 – 2019)