The Clark Sisters were an American vocal quartet from North Dakota, who moved to New York and sang with Tommy Dorsey then later moved to California to record and perform studio work.

The Sentimentalists, also known as the “Clark Sisters” (and also as the “Original” Clark Sisters; so-called to distinguish them from the current gospel music group), were an American close harmony singing group, consisting of sisters Mary Clark Branson, Peggy Clark Schwartz, Ann Clark Terry, and Jean Clark Friley. Hailing from Grand Forks, North Dakota, they were a mere 17 to 23 years of age when they signed with the Tommy Dorsey Band in 1944 to replace the popular Pied Pipers, after the Pipers had quit Dorsey’s band to go out on their own.

The Clark Sisters had several hits with Dorsey including Chicago, On the Sunny Side of the Street , and I Should Care . Mary Clark married Dorsey baritone saxophone player Bruce Branson in 1945. Later, when Mary and Bruce moved to California, Autilia Ventimiglia (who later changed her name to Lillian Clark) joined the group. Lillian would later marry Tommy Dorsey arranger, Sy Oliver.